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Summer / Fall 2017


iOS, Android


A team supported by the Stuttgart Media University
Prof. Stefan Radicke (Supervision, Coding)
Stefanie Schwarz (Coding)
Manuel Schulze (Coding)
Jakob Pelz (Coding)
Markus Salmen (Music & Sound)
Baddy Dolly Jane (Special Thanks To)
Swiney the Art Pig (Lead Design, Art)

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Unity3D (originally: Havok)


ArtWorld War I is a mobile game like Angry Birds - but better. Not because of its game mechanics but because this AWW1 has a mission. The art world is suppressed by art dictators and our protagonist, BADDY DOLLY JANE, is here to get rid of them.


Our Protagonist BADDY DOLLY JANE

ArtWorld War I is based on the radical performances and actions by the Artist BADDY DOLLY JANE. Her performances take place always in connection with the art world.
This provocative game allows the player to recreate BADDY DOLLY JANE'S journey through the world of art. You will move from one setting to including New York, London, Berlin, Vienna and Basel to name a few. As with Baddy's live performances, the player will be able to confront art stars like John Currin, Kanye West, Ai Wei Wei, Marina Abramovic, Mark Jacobs and others with a cucumber

The Creation History of ArtWorld War I

AWW1 was created by the graphic designer and developer Swiney the Art Pig. The art stile was copied inspired by Soviet posters and many artworks of the time of The Enlightenment and today. The game mechanics were cloned appropriated from Angry Birds. It was coded by and under the supervision of Professor Dr. Stefan Radicke of the Stuttgart Media University and his students.

Based on a True Story

For too long the world has focused on green pigs stealing eggs, while the real threat is somewhere else entirely… A group of real pigs have taken over the art world! They are occupying the main art hubs of the world turning them into pigsties filled with filth – for example The Guggenheim Museum, the Tate Modern and Serpentine Gallery. The freedom of art has been enslaved.
But wait no longer – We are supporting our radical good friend BADDY DOLLY JANE. As a celebrated artist she was herself part of that pack of bad pigs and turned against them. In the name of all good pigs she has decided to fight for the freedom of art. Naturally, she has equipped herself with a cucumber to start a revolution…

Why we Made ArtWorld War I

In all seriousness - the game is about rehabilitating the honour of pigs. Green pigs don’t exist, real pigs do, so we created ArtWorld War I. The cool real life performances of BADDY DOLLY JANE were a great inspiration.
Nerds Our esteemed comrades can fight in over 70 levels on their pigPhones, pigPads and Android-whatever’s presumably in summer 2017. OINK, OINK.

Credits to our Antagonists

Ai Wei Wei, Ben Lewis, Brad Pitt, Christian Boros, David Zwirner, Chris Dercon, Francois Pinault, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Helge Achenbach, Ivan Wirth, Jay Joplin Jeff Koons, John Currin, Julia Peyton-Jones, Kanye West, Klaus Biesenbach, Larry Gagosian, Liam Gillick, Marc Jacobs, Marc Spiegler, Marian Goodman, Marina Abramovic, Massimiliano Gioni, Nikolaus Schafhausen, Monika Sprueth & Filomena Magers, Tobias Mayer, Udo Kittelmann

Don't forget to visit Swiney the Art Pig's website

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How to make graphic design for Games & MediaNight - Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien) 2014


Tate Modern and Hieronymus Bosch
LONDON Outside the Tate Modern & Hieronymus Bosch - Baddy destroys Damien Hirst's Jay Joplin and Dercon
(High Resolution Image)
Inside the Tate Modern
LONDON Inside their friends like Ai Wei Wei, Larry Gagosian and HU Obrist get their fair share of the beating
(High Resolution Image)
MoMa - Museum of Modern Art
NEW YORK Shielded by the MOMA Kanye and Jeff Koons are trying to enjoy some Champagne while waiting for a cab
(High Resolution Image)
MoMa - Museum of Modern Art
NEW YORK And they are joined by their friends - Biesenbach, Obrist, Marina Abramovic and Ben Lewis
(High Resolution Image)
Berlin Art
BERLIN The (brown) creme de la creme, the most important people and the whitest snow - this you can only find at places like the Volksbuehne and KW in the hottest art scene in Europe
(High Resolution Image)
Serpentine Gallery and Duchamps
LONDON The fairy tale of the Serpentine Gallery - just follow the path of Duchamp's pissoirs and some day you will meet Julia Peyton-Jones - NOT!
(High Resolution Image)
404 Error - Image too corrupt
PARIS Everybody knows the scandals in French politics. Why would anyone be surprised about that in the French art world? Nothing really new to uncover here for Baddy and us.
Art Basel and Kanye West
BASEL The Swiss are great but Art Basel stinks. Only a bunch of flies and Kanye West are lured in.
(High Resolution Image)
Wien Kunsthalle and Mumok
VIENNA Who doesn't love the snubby Viennese people! Australia's capital houses such institutions like Kunstalle, Mumok and such glamorous characters like John Currin
(High Resolution Image)
Wien Burgtheather
VIENNA Yes, it's not a big city, but culturally - NOT. Yoko Ono, Klaus Biesenbach and even Marina are coming over to enjoy the show here
(High Resolution Image)
VIENNA Baddy Dolly Jane in action - be ready for some trouble you pseudo-intellectuals!
(High Resolution Image)
Your very own trophies: All the artists you managed to knock out are floating somewhere in space (Yes, it's Brad Pitt!).
(High Resolution Image)
The loading screen Get ready to enter the swamp and fight for the revolution! 
(High Resolution Image)
... You can even select where you go to fight first. Anyone up for the battle of New York? I am, comrade!
(High Resolution Image)


Art Basel - Kanye West is only number 2
Kanye West Gif
Serpentine Gallery London - A lot of Duchamp pissoirs and Ai Wei Wei
Ai Wei Wei Gif


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Presentations and Festivals

VEGA CAMP (2014)
ITFS - Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart (International Cartoon Festival 2015)
Media Night HdM Stuttgart (2014/2015)


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